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Online Dating Scam:

Be aware of scammers, cheater, swindler, deceiver or however you want to call them.

An online Dating scam is when a male or female makes contact with you through an online Dating agency and pretending to look for a romance or marriage but the only thing what he or she is really after is to get your money.

Scammers sign up to online Dating agencies writing letters to men or women or receiving offers from their ads. First they will flatter you with nice words and trying to establish a relationship but then they will always ask for money.  

The most common reasons (they give) why they need your money include:

- Not enough money to travel in order to meet you (Visa costs, flight ticket, traveling money).

- Help because of financial problems

- Help because of some illness or accident.

Be always skeptical! Do not send money!! Never!!!

If the person is asking for money to cover the travel expenses and you really want to meet this person then you have to ask this person to lent the money from somebody else. Tell her that once she is coming to your place you will give her the money back.

Remember: Is this person asking for money? Yes? You can be quite sure that you have meet a scammer! Better forget about this person - No matter how much you have invested so far!

Please report a profile where you suspect scam!

One more thing: Do not travel abroad if the risk seems to high!
You never know what can happen to you once you arrive. Please make sure if you are traveling to meet always at places where there is a high traffic of people. Never follow the person to places you do not feel save. Be always skeptical.



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