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Top 20 hints on planning a magnificent wedding!

love Attitude - Don't forget that you as bride and groom are the most important people in the wedding. Don't worry about pleasing everyone; just make sure to keep it special for yourselves. This is the most important.


dating Planning the costs - Make a list of expenses and see where you can spent your money wisely. The items on the list can be:
  • Invitations, wedding consultant, wedding cake, wedding gown, engagement and wedding photographs, ceremony expenses, flowers, reception, attendants, transportation, lodging for out-of-town attendants and guests, engagement and wedding rings,  personal wedding attire, traveling expenses, marriage license, officiant's fee, party accessories, musicians, food, drinks, rentals of wedding hall or tent, cleaning Personal, gifts and all honeymoon expenses (Flight, hotel and catering).


personals Skin, Hair and Make up - if you would like your skin to have healthy, radiant look you should start the care of your face a few weeks before the big event. Choose a gentle skin cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type, slough off dead skin cells with a toner or astringent, then apply a  moisturizer and at the end protect your skin from the ultra-violet rays with a good sunscreen, with at least 15 SPF. Some very sensitive skin types can not cope with the ingredients of creams or cleansers and than it is better to use just water and to leave the skin relax. You can use as well chamomile steam bath for your face. Just put a few liters of boiling water in a bowl and add about 10 chamomile tea bags to it. Than put your face in the steam. The relaxing steam will open your pores and enhance the blood circulation in your skin leaving it clean, healthy, smooth and relaxed.

Visit your hairstylist and share with him your ideas about your hair on the weddings day, take in consideration the accessories and jewelry you intend to wear. It's good when you practice your wedding-day hair style, so that you are sure this is what you really want.

For the make up, you may either consult a specialist who can tell you what suits you, or you can choose it by yourself. It's important to figure out what suites you the best before the wedding day.


horoscope The wedding rings - More and more women choose rubies, emeralds, sapphires and even more unusual stones for their wedding rings. Men tend to prefer blue sapphires or black onyx, in making a more neutral statement. So, if you insist on the stone your ring, it's important to know that the cut is determining that stone's quality. The best diamonds are colorless and disperse white light into a rainbow of colors. Still, these diamonds are very rare and expensive, so you would be better off opting for a diamond with a slight tint that is invisible to the naked eye.
Order wedding rings a 2-3 month before and make arrangements for engraving.


flirting Dress - Shop for a wedding gown and accessories at least 3 months in advance.
Try the dress again 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding', to be sure you still fit in. It should be enough time to make changes if necessary. Choose the shoes afterwards that in order to fit your dress.

You can rent dresses and accessories if money is an issue.


partner Date - When planning the date consider what the weather is going to be and if the most important people have unchangeable scheduled commitments for your day.

When the event is planed for a day around the holidays, it's recommended to make air travel or transportation reservation in advance, as having people in town on time.

Weekend dates are generally easier for guests to attend, and because they are the most popular for weddings. You have to book the popular ceremony and location sites in advance for weekend dates since there are only 52 weekends in a year. But weekend rates may be higher than weekday rates at some locations, and the wedding suppliers are not as busy on a weekday, so you might get better service during the week.


marriage Invitations - It is important to choose the right design and text for your invitation. The only necessary things are: who, what, when, and where.

Don't forget the full names and address of the ceremony site, as well a small street maps, for the orientation.

It is nice to provide a list of local restaurants, hotels and attractions for out of the town guests, who plan to stay longer.

Always order extra invitations and envelopes to allow mistakes, surprise guests and keepsakes. It is a lot less expensive to order extras from the start.

Address invitations as soon as possible. A few month in advance is nothing uncommon.

Mail the invitations (six weeks is customary, 8 is becoming increasingly common).


kissing Transportation - For a proper transportation of your guests, family and yourself you have to organize your friends help or you contact a local service who offers the right solution. You can rent busses, limousines, cabs, horse pulled carriages or even something more extraordinary like a small plane, hot air balloon or a private tram.


talking Photographer / Camera-man - Book your photographer / camera-man in advance. Sometimes it's difficult to find a good photographer in the last moment, so better start your search in advance. Ask friends and relatives about their experience or to recommend you somebody skilled.


sex Marriage License - In order to make your marriage license you have to inform yourself about the following details:
Do you have to apply for the license in person?
What sort of identification is necessary (passport, birth certificate)
Is a blood test required?
How long does it take to get the license after you applied?
When is the date in the registration office?
How many witnesses you need?
What are the fees?


partnership Church - Choose an officiant for the ceremony.

Reserve the ceremony location. Choose and order attire and accessories for bridesmaids. Keep in mind the time of year, and style of wedding.

You may choose one or two little girls to be flower girls. The best age range is between 4 and 12, the smaller ones are very cute but they may create some challenges during the ceremony.

Their task is to walk down the aisle and to scatter flower or rose petals, or hand out single flowers to guest as they walk, or they may just carry a bouquet, a ring of flowers or a pomander ball.


search Location for the wedding party

Consider the amount of people that will join the party. Choose a hall that's enough big to  accommodate all your guests. Usually 3-15% of the people you invited will not come. This 3-15% will give space for unexpected guests.

Choose a hall, tent or a big room for your party.

Favorite locations are hotel banquet halls, tents, clubs, restaurants, discos, bars and your own home.   


date Party Items - Make sure that you have enough table, chairs, napkins, flatware, glasses and cutlery.  Ask someone to be responsible for the guest book.  Provide a list with the names of the guests and the table number they are sitting. These lists are often displayed on a table outside the hall/tent or in the reception room. Don't forget to mark the tables with numbers.


men Food & Drinks - Many party services provide an experienced service. You just have to tell them the number of the guests and they will arrange everything for you.

If you want to serve homemade food, it is recommendable to make cold dishes and to present them on a buffet.

Providing alcohol to your guests is strictly a decision for you and your fiancé to make. If you are not sure what to do, you may serve champagne and wine with sparkling grape wine or a mixed punch of sorts. Take care about a wide range of non alcoholic drinks for the children and those who do not like to drink alcohol.

Order the wedding cake one week in advance. Make sure the cake will have a place where nobody can run into it.


women Music - Hire a DJ, musician or a band . This day is too important to trust it  to non-professionals or to relatives. Good performer will offer you a large variety of songs with the right experience for a perfect atmosphere.

Give musicians a list of the music you like them to play for the ceremony and reception. Specify any music you do not want to be played. Make the music start with the coming of the first guests at the reception.


database Wedding Toasts & Speeches

1. Speak slowly with lots of pauses.

2. If you are very nervous and afraid  - tell the audience or even make a joke of it.

3. When you expect a laugh, wait for it. If it's slow in coming, encourage them, but don't hurry on.

4. Keep paper and pen with you ready to jot down any last minute additions, like responding to something or somebody has said in an earlier speech.

5. Don't drink too much before you speak.


letters Wedding Night -

Transform the room into a lovers' retreat with special touches that add warmth. A soft satin sheet to curl up in, a light scent of a fragrant candle, and fresh flowers create a relaxing, pleasurable atmosphere. Bring soft music. It sets the mood and forever recaptures special moments. Most people feel more alluring by the soft glow of candlelight.


books Honey Moon - If you are leaving the country, make sure your passport is up to date and verify any visa requirements. Make a hotel reservation and a travel insurance.

While you make your reservation for hotels, restaurants or cruise, ask them if you may enjoy a special treatment. Most of them are happy to extend the extra service.  A honeymoon trip is not just an ordinary holiday. Don't think you won't spend much time in your room, then you might be sorry if your accommodations are not special. This honeymoon would give both of you a life memory. Don't forget to take the camera.

Check the most romantic places that we collected for this special moments in time.


greetings The End - Make sure that all rented premises and things are returned in a good condition.

Write thank-you notes as gifts are received. Give thank you gifts to the most important persons who helped with the wedding.

After all this comes to an end, tell your already husband or wife how happy he/she has made you and how much you are looking forward to the rest of your lives!


usa Planning your wedding with a third party - If you feel confused about making the plan alone, or don't have time for it, then you may hire a wedding consultant. He  knows what to do, what to avoid, and who offers the best deals.  The wedding consultant is there to organize and plan a better wedding at a lower cost.

If you prefer to save your energy from doing everything alone, you can find a wedding chapel at the location you're interested in. These tend to have complete packages with photographs, flowers, music, officiant, even license built right in.






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